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CCNP ROUTE Meetup – OSPF over NBMA Network Types Part 01 Youtube Video

I’m still running into issues between R2 and R3.  It was solved immediately by changing Area 0 to Broadcast and adding the appropriate broadcast parameter to the frame-relay map commands.  However, I wonder why Non-Broadcast mode is not working.

I need to capture the debugs where it told me Ignore Timer expired which has something to do with the max-lsa?  Was one of the routers generating excessive LSU/LSA’s

Need further investigation during Part 02.  Which can be on Thursday night or Saturday during the day.

Thanks to Mike Lossman @routedinterface for offering help and knowledge when we ran into trouble near the end of the video.

Suggestions are welcome, @thecmancan or leave your comment below.


CCNP ROUTE – EIGRP Lab with Frame Relay


The original lab text is as follows, the video shows a slightly modified version.

Task 1

Configure hostnames and IP addressing on all routers as illustrated in the network topology.


Task 2

Configure EIGRP for AS 1 as illustrated in the topology. However, do NOT advertise the 150.x.x.x subnets on any router via EIGRP.


Task 3

Configure routers R2 and R4 to as EIGRP stub routers. These routers should advertise their 150.x.x.x/24 subnets as Internal EIGRP routes to R1.


Task 4

Configure R1 so that it advertises ONLY a default route to both R2 and R4 as an External EIGRP route. Next, verify your configuration using the appropriate commands. Additionally, also verify that R2 and R4 can ping each others’ 150.x.x.x/24 subnets from their LAN interfaces, as well as the subnet on R1s LAN.

Task 5

Configure EIGRP authentication for AS 1 so that all the routers use the password CCNP-2010; however, after 15 minutes, the routers should stop using this password and begin using the password CCNP-2011. The password CCNP-2011 should be used by all routers indefinitely. Verify your configuration using the appropriate commands.


Video Explaining EIGRP Network Command


Any feedback greatly appreciated.  This is my first screencast going over how the EIGRP network command matches the interfaces that you want to add into the EIGRP process.  It’s also how ACL matches packets based in IP.  At its core, it has to do with the wildcard mask and matching binary configurations whereas wildcard mask is a 0. to connect with me and comment.