Quick Tip!

So I was trying to set up some fancy (legacy technology at this point) Frame Relay stuff for labbing OSPF.  I encountered:

R1(config)#int s1/2.1 multipoint 
% Warning: cannot change link type

Hmm weird I thought.  Before blaming this on GNS3 or a crappy image, I did some shallow digging on Google.  Apparently, a lot of newbies like me have run into this problem.  The solution is that Cisco subinterfaces default to being in point-to-point mode.  Once created, it cannot be changed to a multipoint interface without doing the following:

R1(config)#no int s1/2.1
Not all config may be removed and may reappear after reactivating the sub-interface

R1(config)#int s1/2.1 multipoint 

Hey I’m in!  Just a quick FYI for those who may be miffed by the idiosyncrasies of Cisco IOS.  This was on 12.4T.


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