CCNA Certified

Hello All,

I keep meaning to blog yet never finding the time.  Let’s keep this together this time.

I had studied HARD for this ICND 2 exam.  There was no way back.  It was the 2nd to last day to test and I was also studying CCNA Voice at the same time.  The test experience was good overall.

My only period of doubt came at about question 20.  There were three long, multi-part questions in a row.  I spent a good 13-15 minutes on ONE simlet question.  It wasn’t the toughest of questions.  However, there was a curveball thrown in there and almost struck out looking on that one.  What helped was a deep breath and a thorough examination of the good old #show run command.  It offered a few clues as to how I should proceed and answer the question correctly.

I received a 944/1000 which is about 25 points higher than my ICND 1. I was very happy about: I thought the questions were right on with difficulty.  Doing the questions repeatedly forced me to really think about the material.

The practice questions were admittedly more difficult than the actual test.  However, if you are able to look up the answers in the book and figure out the questions step by step, you’d really allow the material to sink in.

As for next steps, I hope to attack CCNA Voice to have that in my pocket by Christmas.  CCNP and CCVP will have to wait for 2014.  But I have a feeling that with some luck and continuing my good study habits, I’ll be done with those in no time.


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