Happy Father’s Day! I am CCENT certified.

I pass!

I pass!

Yes! I finally knocked one pin down!  This one definitely felt good.  I struggled through Pearson Vue practice tests for a few weeks prior to the test.  That definitely helped.  I personally thanked Mr. Wendell Odom himself on Twitter for putting out his books and study materials.

What’s next?  Good that you asked.  I have just completed studying for my first chapter in CCNA Voice.  I can dual track CCNA Vocie with ICND 2 all before September.  This is definitely exciting.  I always felt as if I somehow just took that first step and passed one certification, the rest would come flowing in.  I now have a method and mechanism for coping with this madness of Cisco testing.  That is,

  1. Read chapter through once and highlight things to commit to learn.
  2. Then, re-read chapter but making flashcards of all the highlights.
  3. While making flashcards, take screenshots of diagrams and drawings with my own annotations on PDF.  Clip these into Evernotes and carry them with me everywhere in the Cloud.
  4. Finally, get some sort of lab running because I struggled with a simlet question on the CCENT and it can get harder when the voice test comes around.

When I was done with my CCENT, I saw another person behind me typing furiously into a simlet CLI on some kind of voice configuration.  It feels so good to see I am part of a group of people so dedicated to improving and learning.

Please look for a blog post from me with my Quizlet flashcard links.  Everyone can use them if they sign up for free  I was out on Saturday night and was studying for my CCENT on my iPhone.  Super nerdy!



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