On the Benefits of Quizlet

In my last two days of study, I found Quizlet to be an incredible tool.  I felt like a teacher planning my own learning in ways I never did before.

Gone are the days where I just sit still and read the PDF file until my eyes bleed or my bladders get too full of caffeine.  It does require a LOT of caffeine to keep me away through unless hours of plain old reading.  I know these facts, figures, commands and protocols will serve me well when I learn that but does the journey to mastery of these topic have to be filled with the agony of boredom?

Well, not after I discovered new Quizlet.  I’ve known that it existed for some time now.  However, after signing up for a new account to make my own flash cards on the online app, it truly changed my way for studying.

Quizlet really allow you to drill the content that you must learn through a myriad of ways.  My favorite is actually the voice platform that features a soothing female voice reading out all your cards to you.  This may not sound like much but get this, you can get Quizlet app on the iPhone.  So here I was, listening to my flashcards being read aloud to me as I walk down to the train station on my morning commute.  The charming female vocalist, whom I shall name Leia, ask me, ” What are two methods of PPP Authentication? ” and I answer the question in my mind.  This back and forth engages the auditory sense and is extremely helpful as another avenue to attack learning new material.

The only down side may be that Quizlet charges 15 a year for the ability to upload images as flash cards.  I found that an incredible value and paid that after using the service for two days.  I’m all for paying for services that are really helpful and Quizlet is one of them.

Here is my CCENT4ALL set that I created for my last couple of days of studying for the exam.



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