New CCNA and CCENT and the Quest for CCIE Voice

CCIE Image

My Name Here!

So about a month ago, I went to and saw their claim to turn me into a CCIE Voice in 18 months.  Well, why not?  I have tons of experience already in TDM voice in Avaya and Nortel.  I love tinkering with phones and Cisco VoIP is way too cool to pass up on working with.  So I charged head first into getting that “entry” level certification for my basic foundation in routing and switching TCP/IP on Cisco hardware.

Little did I know that R&S is pretty intensive.  Some of the topics, like dynamic routing protocols, Spanning-Tree and IPv6 are a far throw from what I’m used to as a strict telecom admin.  I would still dig deep and study on.  I have gone through Todd Lammle’s excellent book from Sybex.  I have also purchased other guides to help me get through the tough CCNA Composite exam.

Today, it was announced that CCNA is no longer the pre-requisite for attaining Cisco Voice certifications.  The only requirement now is the CCENT.  The same CCENT that currently has, within its syllabus, a LOT less of the difficult topics of the CCNA composite.  So, my path is clear!

Concurrently with the migration to Cisco at my job, I plan to attain CCNP Voice within the year.  When it comes time to go hands-on, I already a rock-solid foundation to successful manage the 4000+ stations and voice end-points at our locations across the city.

It will probably be years before I can attempt the CCIE Voice.  The outlook is good however.  Let’s just hope there’s enough caffeine in the world to fuel my quest for that CCIE Voice #……..


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